With respect for the past,
…and vision for the future…

Tettix S.A. company is active in the field of food industry with the main activities of  importing, exporting, trading, processing and packaging of spices, aromatic and medicinal plants (herbs), dehydrated vegetables, cereals, essential and carrier oils, edible salts and herbal teas under the brand name of Salveo Tea, while we especially support high quality export services of valuable, Greek products by means of wholesale trading, through Oregano Factory.

The Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, with his long standing experience ,DIMITRIOS APOSTOLOPOULOS - continues his prominent presence in the field, aiming at the excellent operation and activity of  Tettix company, in order to establish it as one of the most successful companies in its field.

With respect for human values and a vision for the future, we follow the clasic trusted policy (excellent quality products, availability throughout the year, strict cooperation with trustable producers and partners, high quality services), supported by a new, innovative spirit of extroversion.

Sheltered in new privately-owned modern facilities, we work with well trained and skilled staff, create new departments (R & D, quality control laboratories, etc.) with modern equipment, have set up a technology and commercial support office in Germany (Tettix GbR), and we create commercial support offices in other countries (Cyprus, Bulgaria), which will help us apply innovative ideas and practices, specialized know-how, flexible and effective customer service policy, based on deep knowledge and individualized study of their needs.

Stay with us as our companions because,

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Dimitrios Apostolopoulos





Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dimitrios Apostolopoulos was born in Athens in 1959. As a child, he really appreciated education and he was an excellent student. His greatest love was economics, which he had the chance to pursue at a proficiency level.

Nevertheless, with his acute and explorative spirit, he soon realized his ability to practice the art of commerce.

In 1992, he was given the opportunity to follow his inherent business charisma. At Evripidou Street, in the center of Athens, he starts his business. Taking slow, steady and thoughtful steps, he absolutely unfolds his trading skills to lead business to the top of the industry.

Today, after 26 years of successful progress, with respect for the past and a vision for the future, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos founds the new Tettix, with an aim to continue the same trusted policy, as well as to adopt innovative ideas, methods and practices demanded in modern times.

As a businessman, he has deep knowledge of his subject, which he has acquired by studying all relevant bibliography, participating in seminars and exhibitions, traveling to the production countries. He contacts with official forums, is informed, observes and processes all relevant information.

He strongly believes in fair play in trade, is interested in creative, steady relationship with every partner, always aiming at the top.

As a human, he is an optimist, invests in human relations, dreams of a robust, creative future for Greece and the whole world and strives for it.







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Tettix S.A.

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