With respect for the past,
…and vision for the future…

We import our products from all over the world, in bulk quantities, with careful procedures that guarantee their quality at all stages.

We ensure that they are always accompanied by the appropriate certificates required by the Greek food law, the EU and the World Food Organization directives. We apply all the hygiene and safety rules enforced by the European and Greek relevant bodies and conform to ISO 22000 Food Quality Assurance System.

Our products are stored in our new facilities of 2500 square meters and it is our main concern to have them available all year round.

We supply customers from the food industry, packers, processors, retailers, distribution companies, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, large hotels and, in general, all professionals involved in the food industry.

Our range of packaged products includes:

  • Packaging from country of origin
  • Corporate, paper (spice specific) wholesale bag
  • Catering packaging in aluminium packages
  • Retail packaging (for supermarkets, shops)

All of us at Tettix,want and can
be your reliable partner!!!

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Tettix S.A.

Address: 160 Od. Eliti by street (Olympic Wrestling Center) Industrial Area of Ano Liosia
133 42, PO BOX 46072, Athens, Greece

GPS & Map: Latitude 38.0796121 - Longitude 23.6838346

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Phone: (+30) 210 2475403 - (+30) 210 2473587

Fax: (+30) 210 3004462