With respect for human values,
…and vision for the future…

All of us at Tettix are well aware of the special needs and demands of the food industry.

Our daily experience of the pulse of the market, constantly keeps us informed about new products and services so that we are able to efficiently respond to our customer's requirements. For this reason:

  • We have created a modern, fully equipped processing plant in our new privately owned facilities, where the following processing operations are carried out:
    • Cutting
    • Sieving
    • Grinding
    • Disinfection
  • There follows the packaging department, in which our well-trained staff, taking all the hygiene and safety measures, packs with our own brand name and PL as well!
  • We continue with our standard Quality Control Laboratory, in which we carry out our own analysis, in addition to the collaborating laboratories, so that we are 100% confident about the results.
  • Our renewed Technology Support and Quality Control department, in constant cooperation with our technology and commercial support office in Germany, besides the necessary technological services (certificates of analysis, MSDS, etc.), provides our customers with the know-how and all the necessary information they need so as to use our products in the best way for the development of their own production.
  • Our warehouses follow updated storage practices, include refrigerators for the protection of vulnerable products and fully conform to FIFO (first in, first out) system.
  • Our offices, the heart of Tettix, are fully equipped with the latest tools and systems to minimize delays.
  • We are especially proud of our new R&D department, which specialized in research and development of new products, with increased nutritional value, added value and high quality characteristics, competitive in modern Greek and International food market.
  • With the brand name SALVEO TEA, our company continues its already dynamic course in the field of teas, with the ambition of further development and expansion, not only in the Greek market but also abroad.
  • We provide high quality export services of mainly Greek products and imported as well in wholesale, through OREGANO FACTORY.
  • We are in certification processes for organic products, knowing the growing need of the market, and we are already working with producers who are bio certified.
  • We have started a technical and commercial support office in Germany (Tettix GbR), and we also set up commercial support offices in other countries (Cyprus, Bulgaria).

None of these, though, could be supported and proceed without the human factor. Our people are the soul of the company and a determining factor for its success and development. Well trained, with specialized know-how and constant updating, our staff’s main interest is its successful response to the needs of customers and the continuous challenges of the market.


All of us at Tettix,want and can
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Tettix S.A.

Address: 160 Od. Eliti by street (Olympic Wrestling Center) Industrial Area of Ano Liosia
133 42, PO BOX 46072, Athens, Greece

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