We pack for you

We started our packaging activity as a result of the demand for finished products for the shelf. We consider this activity very important, for this reason and with the help of k2desing, a designers company; we introduced our newly designed packaging which has an impeccable appearance. Our aim is to offer the best possible quality in a very attractive packaging.

Our company is certified with ISO22000 system of quality and all our products are packed under the necessary conditions so we have the best possible result labeled with our customers’ name.

We pack our products on order, so that they do not lay on the shelf for long, which might alter the appearance and the qualities of the product.

By using new machinery for our packaging and offering a variety of solutions for packed products, we are proud to meet the customers’ demand.






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Tettix S.A.

Address: 160 Od. Eliti by street (Olympic Wrestling Center) Industrial Area of Ano Liosia
133 42, PO BOX 46072, Athens, Greece

GPS & Map: Latitude 38.0796121 - Longitude 23.6838346

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(+30) 210 2475403
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(+30) 6973940203

Fax: (+30) 210 3004462


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